We offer real homemade noodles that make you feel right at home.

We use fresh eggs and a high-water-content Hokkaido wheat called yumechikara for our noodles.
These ingredients grant a firm texture to our ramen.
The water content of our traditional tapioca flour tsukemen is 43%.
Whole wheat flour is added to increase the nutritional value of this item and to enable our customers to relish the aroma of wheat.
Our guests enjoy the taste and texture of homemade noodles with no added preservatives.

Every dish is imbued with mouthwatering flavors

The rich and distinctive tastes of both tsukemen
and ramen showcase the hard work and dedication of the chef.
Every noodle, soup, and ingredient accentuates the unique taste of Hachiren noodle bar.

Your mouth knows deliciousness from the first bite.
That’s how wonderful it tastes.
A bowl of happiness, packed to the brim.