Something old, something new.
We aim for our guests to feel happy to visit our restaurant and dine here again.
Hachiren is a ramen shop built with love and passion in Okinawa.


Real homemade noodles that make you feel right at home.

Constantly changing, yet timeless: the taste of our noodles.
We make our noodles by hand from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. We finish them with care to ensure that every bowl is delicious, right down to the last bite.

Hachiren Menu

Tsukemen, ramen. Appetizing in many different ways. Each bowl is filled with the delectable Hachiren taste.
We also recommend the items listed in our side dish menu.

Restaurant Information

We are constructing restaurants around our main establishment in Yomitan.

About Us

An introduction to the management company of the Hachiren noodle bar.